Chiropractic Care for Structural Shift in Austin TX

Normal vs. abnormal findings concerning body temperature, blood pressure, and so on are familiar to most individuals. However, did you know that there are normal and abnormal spine indications?

The structural stability of a system depends on its foundation being perfectly aligned. In our body, the foundation is our spine which we rely on to function at its most efficient level. However, if the normal structural range of the spine is shifted, it might cause abnormal wear and tear. We call this phenomenon a structural shift. Keep reading to understand what a structural shift is and how to get back to a normal structural range.

What is a Structural Shift?

A structural shift is what happens when your spine isn’t correctly aligned or is out of its normal structural range. This causes your body systems to work less effectively.

A noticeable change occurs, for example, when your bones, ligaments, muscles, or other soft tissues are worn down. This can lead to several problems, including a forward-falling head and an unbalanced shoulder or hip position. As a result, the nerves exiting the spinal column are compromised, resulting in poor performance throughout the body.

Our chiropractors at Austin Chiropractic Center don’t expect our patients to be perfectly built. We have a realistic objective. Your body, however, is forced to continually battle against gravity and other forces once it’s outside its usual structural range. It also becomes more challenging to carry out simple tasks like jogging, walking, or even standing. Over time, this leads to the deterioration of spinal bones and other soft tissues. You may also begin to experience some secondary symptoms as a result.

At Austin Chiropractic Center, our strategy is to directly focus on the structural shift rather than managing just the secondary symptoms. If you have a structural shift, we can pinpoint the source of your secondary symptoms by utilizing our adjustment technique. In most cases, the discomfort subsides when the adjustment is carried out. In other words, rather than concentrating on the treatment of several secondary disorders, we aim to lead your spine toward its normal structural range.

What is Normal?

While no one is fundamentally flawless, there is a healthy spectrum within which we may all function normally and happily. For example, we recognize what a fever is since we know that the normal body temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit (or 37 degrees Celsius). Anything above that is considered abnormal.

Also, since the normal blood pressure level is less than 120/80 mmHg, we know that high blood pressure is anything above this level. In addition, we know that normal vision is 20/20 and that there’s a normal heart rate and breathing rate. These facts are known because we have the equipment to measure them.

These indicators are accepted norms that can be seen everywhere we look, not only in our bodies. For example, your car’s dashboard has gauges and warning signs that alert you to any anomaly. Similarly, secondary conditions or symptoms you experience might point to a structural shift in your spine.


At Austin Chiropractic Center, we specialize in finding and treating structural shifts in the spine. Doing so will allow us to enhance both your nervous system and your overall health.

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