Austin Chiropractic was my first experience with chiropractic treatment and what a wonderful surprise. The entire staff was very friendly and well-informed, and they all took the time to explain everything to me. Dr. Cynthia Vaughn is one of a kind a great personality combined with good common sense and such a true understanding of her practice that she shares all types of information with you as part of your treatment. She had set a 2-wk timeframe to see improvement in my situation, but did not waste any time or any of my money and referred me to a neurologist after one week. There is integrity in the medical profession after all! Margaret Z.

Dr. Cynthia Vaughn is as good as it gets. And, this is coming from someone who was extremely skeptical of chiropractic treatment.  I really enjoyed Dr. Vaughn's enthusiasm and thoroughness. She spent a lot of time talking with me about my condition. Additionally, Dr. Vaughn did an extensive assessment of my posture, balance, etc. to get to the root of my pain.  The facility is amazing; a new, modern building that is extremely clean and fresh... I'll continue to see Dr. Vaughn as long as a I have back pain!  Christopher M. Austin, TX

I can't say enough about Dr Cynthia Vaughn.  I have been frequenting chiropractors since the late 70's.  There are only two in my history of time that I would venture to write an exceptional review, one being Dr Vaughn.  Dr Vaughn is an outstanding practitioner.  Her knowledge and confidence in her abilities is what sets her apart.  She possess an innate sense of body mechanics and an expert ability in diagnosing and treating the patient.  She has sent me in directions I wouldn't have considered to provide the best well-rounded approach to my care.  The wheels are constantly turning.  Dr Vaughn operates with the same enthusiasm as a freshly graduated student... but with added wisdom she has acquired over her tenure in this profession.  Her office operations are efficient, friendly and accommodating.  I am not a new patient; therefore, I can speak with certainty that these standards have held over the test of time. What has also impressed me over the course of time... is her unrelenting interest and activity in remaining current in her profession...she genuinely wants to make a difference.  Then there are her personal contributions in giving back to the community in unexpected ways.  Hats off to Dr Vaughn, her colleagues and her wonderful staff.  Leslie L. Austin, TX

The sincere concern about my welfare, pains, concerns, and what would I expect from this therapy with Dr Vaughn was above amazing. I felt so comfortable, and the time she spent addressing every pin points of pain I've endured. I am anxious to get good results here, and can't wait till my next visit. Barbara M.

Dr. Vaughn is a doctor in whom you can place your confidence that she will do what needs to be done to give you the best care and treatment needed. The office is beautiful and has the feel of a clean healthy environment. Vickie A.

Best Doctor ever. Have been going to Dr Vaughn for several months. She has helped me more than any doctor and actually cares about her patients. I have scoliosis and a history of brain tumors. I have a drop foot and a lot of back pain. Her treatments and adjustments are life changing for me. My drop foot is getting stronger and my back pain is going away. She also has an incredible staff. I feel like they are part of my family... I also don't do doctor reviews. These doctors and staff need to be recognized. Best ones ever. Carla P.

All the staff at ACC are Awesome!!! Great customer service, friendly and caring.  Dr. Vaughn is great.  She is so knowledgeable, professional and it is evident she loves her work and genuinely cares about her patients....I plan to make ACC a part of my monthly wellness plan.  Alicia G. Austin, TX

 I've been going to Dr. Cynthia Vaughn for at least 3 years now and have found every reason to continue visiting her facility.  Due to her expert technique and disposition I enjoy visiting her and I've had no issues with my problematic lower back for over a year now.  I originally started to visit her office after not having such a successful round of various Chiropractor visits around Austin.  She has a bright and sunshine like demeanor. Very sweet and really knows her stuff!  I came in with a bad lower back, felt it pinching and at times, I couldn't walk it was so painful!  With her treatments I'm ready to conquer the world!  Most recently I've needed her due to a mild injury in a grocery store.  I had 'wrenched' my back as she put it.  I feel so much better knowing she's providing the care and treatments needed to ensure a safe and effective recovery. Tiffany V. Austin, TX

 I once was a habitual complainer, but I have changed because of Dr. Vaughn. I sincerely recommend this place to anyone who has the misfortune of having back pain. I have TMJ and back and head pain from multiple sports injuries. I tried all sorts of treatments-physical therapy, muscle relaxers, other chiropractors, and even  acupuncture (I was desperate).  But these were all only quick fixes and the pain always came back in 1-2 days. A friend of mine told me about Dr. Vaughn and how she'd have me feeling better in no time. I was quite skeptical (remember, I was still a habitual complainer) and feeling hopeless, but I trusted this friend so I decided to give it a try. And thank God I did, because Dr. Vaughn is the creme de la creme of chiropractors -trust me she is top notch. She provided a thorough analysis of my posture, balance, sports injuries and TMJ & spent a lot of time explaining why I have not found relief with other treatments. Then she adjusted me (immediate relief) and put me under some ice blankets (amazing). I left the office happy but still waited for the pain to return... It didn't for 3 weeks! I was amazed! I now go to Dr. Vaughn around every 2-3 weeks to get adjusted and I have felt SO MUCH BETTER. Every single person who works there...are understanding, enthusiastic and flexible about your treatment. It is always an absolute pleasure to see them! So like I said, go here if you want to feel better. But don't go here if you like to whine, because you will walk out of the office without any complaints.  Brit C.

Great staff! Very friendly and very knowledgeable.  My experience was outstanding and my results were even better than I could have hoped for.  Up to date equipment and clean facilities.  I have been to other chiropractors for the same condition with poor results.  Dr. Vaughn and her staff knew exactly what to do to help me where others didn't.  Always very quick to get me in on time and making appointments was easy and flexible too.  I would highly recommend!  Kim Alan M.

You could not ask for a better office staff.  The person you see when you walk in sets the tone for the entire office...  The doctors are bar none the best I have encountered.  My entire family receives care from Dr. Vaughn and have been going to her for about 15 years.  She is intelligent and has a wonderful healing touch. You could not ask for a better care giver and I would gladly encourage anyone who was in pain or discomfort to visit Austin Chiropractic Center.  They care about you as a person and are focused on getting you better.  Mari P.

Austin Chiropractic Center and in particular Dr Vaughn has been an important part of my health care for over 10 years. Originally I saw her for sciatica. Within a few weeks I was pain free. Since then I have gone for adjustments once a month and attribute that to keeping me moving and with no back and joint problems. At 72 that is important. Dr Vaughn in addition to being so professional and well respected in her field, is such a positive caring vibrant person. She gives you her undivided attention while you are with her. The facility is bright and cheerful and clean. It was quite by accident that I found her and I am so glad I did. Gloria H.

 Great staff! Very friendly and very knowledgeable.  My experience was outstanding and my results were even better than I could have hoped for.  Up to date equipment and clean facilities.  I have been to other chiropractors for the same condition with poor results.  Dr. Vaughn and her staff knew exactly what to do to help me where others didn't.  Always very quick to get me in on time and making appointments was easy and flexible too.  I would highly recommend!  Kim Alan M. Lockhart, TX

 Austin Chiropractic Center and Dr. Vaughn have been my choice for chiropractic care for years.  There are so many positive aspects of this facility I don't even know where to begin.  The staff is professional, courteous, friendly, and they make you feel like family when you walk in the door.  The facility is immaculate and calming and I have never had to wait for my appointment.  Dr. Vaughn is caring, knowledgeable, and understanding.  She breaks everything down and explains it in terms that make sense to me.  She has seen me through some very challenging spinal diagnoses and supported my decision to consult with a spinal surgeon, who by the way, encouraged me to continue my therapies with Dr. Vaughn so I could avoid surgery at all costs.  She has helped me through both pregnancies, so that I could carry my babies virtually pain free despite my spinal problems.  I cannot say enough about the positive impact that Dr. Vaughn and her staff have made on me; not only in my chiropractic care, but in my quality of life.  Gabriella D. Austin, TX

 I really enjoyed my first visit with Austin Chiropractic Center. The reception clerk was nice and friendly. Both Doctors I met showed high professionalism and well bed side manners. I received a very comprehensive exam and my first chiropractic manipulation treatment seems is helping already. I definitely going to come back. Natalia T.

 This was my first experience with a chiropractor. I had a great experience, and would definitely recommend this location to a friend. Alana T.

 Dr Cynthia Vaughn is providing clear, comprehensive accurate analysis, diagnosis and solutions to my current muscular pain issues. I have confidence in her work. Michael K.

 Dr. Vaughn has been treating me off and on over the years and I always feel better immediately. Thank you! Thank you!  Kathlyn S.

 The whole office is super friendly and work hard to accommodate their patients' needs. They provide efficient healing in a serene and professional environment. I have been going to them for several years and would highly recommend them to anyone in need. Paul G.

 I felt you ALL were very thorough and listened to my concerns. You were solution oriented. You were able to get things done such as x-rays, access records needed on-line and make decisions in a systematic way. I really appreciate the professionalism and the caring by everyone there. Thank you so much!  Sherry W.

 Professionalism is a rare quality; all staff are very professional and knowledgeable! THANK YOU! Geraldine S.

 Very professional, kind and caring group of doctors and staff. Grateful for all their support, knowledge, skills and help, not to mention pain release. What a wonderful feeling getting back to normal. Donnette M.

 When you are in pain you are not at your best... not only did they have the knowledge, the equipment and excellent service, they were very understanding and compassionate. I never feel like a number or a file, I am treated as a person. It is really nice to know, when in that amount of pain, you can talk with people who actually care. Rose Ann R

 Entire Staff is Awesome!!!!!! Mia

 Always feel so much better after my treatment. Great service. Joyce P.

 Fantastic first appointment. Loved everything about the office and everyone that I spoke with and saw me. Felt welcome, listened to and adjusted. Andrea H.

 I have been going to Dr. Vaughn for over 20 years and have had excellent service and treatments. She is a very knowledgeable chiropractic doctor. I highly recommend her. Yolie P.

 My chiropractor is Dr. Cynthia Vaughn, very good doctor and her primary concern is my well being, pain levels; etc. The whole staff is very nice, I recommend this place to everyone in need of chiropractic. Linda B.

 People who care about you and your health. Pleasant, supportive and helpful. John T.

 Always professional and effective. Treat you like one of the family. Ruth B.

 Excellent in all categories! Fred R.

 I was crawling when I walked in their door and they had me 100% within 2 weeks. They were great! James K.

 Friendly, personable and genuinely concerned with your health and well being. A strong team of professionals. My dad was a chiropractor and several out of town friends are as well. These folks are the best, latest equipment and great facility. John T.

 The...front desk is awesome! Knows your name, symptoms, gets you in the office quickly. The doctors are amazing, very friendly and timely. They don't prolong the visits they want you to get better. Megan M.

Dr. Vaughn is great! She really seems concerned about my progress, or lack of it, and is great at working with my insurance company to get me relief. Mary W.

 Well, ya'll are just darling and caring and efficient. Love you all to pieces. Donna A.

 Great job, Dr. Vaughn...as usual! I have been treated here for over 10 years, and continue to always get excellent care and feel better, too! Anita S.

 Always treated like a star. You can tell that everyone really cares about you. Gaylee G.

  They are great I trust them with my health which is most precious to me.  Justin E.

  I love Austin Chiropractic Center!! The staff is awesome!!  Cathie L.

 Even though it had been a few months since I had been in for an adjustment, it was like I had been coming in on a regular basis. Mary W.

 I love Dr. Vaughn and her staff. They are courteous and friendly and I never have to wait. I was in so much pain I couldn't take a deep breath when first saw her. She has certainly made my life a lot more bearable!! Julyette W.

 My appointment was very satisfactory as always with Dr. Vaughn! She helped me with my usual routine check and then fixed my toes which had been hurting recently.  Judith P.

Dr. James Edwards, a chiropractor in Austin and his staff are pros all the way. I was on a business trip and I was in pain. I found Dr. Edwards' ad on the web and called. Long story short, he saw me that day. I told him where it hurt and he made it better. Because of his skill and knowledge, I was able to complete the business I had in Austin and followed up with my docs in NYC. His website says" If you're in pain, we'll see you today". If you are, you should call. Thanks Dr. Edwards.  Larry S. New York, NY

 Dr. Cynthia Vaughn is an outstanding person & a great chiropractor. I've been going to her for many years and recommend this practice to anyone in need of chiropractic treatment.  J.C. G. Austin, TX

 Not only did they fix my back but everyone in the office is extremely nice and helpful.  i would recommend this place to anyone :)  Treva M. Austin, TX

 Dr. Vaughn is incredible! She has gotten my husband on the best plan and he felt better in no time. She has been uber professional and given the greatest service!! Highly recommend all across the board!  Catia H.

 I love Dr. Vaughn!  She has helped me through two major car accidents and a health issue over the last 15 years. I couldn't ask for a more professional, caring and supportive doctors and staff.  Devota S. Austin, TX

 All of the Doctors here at ACC are friendly, responsive and experienced. There's never a long wait as they run a tight ship and stay on schedule with each patient. The facilities are modern, clean and comfortable and they REALLY know how to make each patient feel special. And most of all, they can relieve your pain!  Guy G. Austin, TX

 When I found Dr. Vaughn I was looking into decompression therapy for a herniated disc. I didn't want to do surgery,  at the very  least surgery was my last desperate measure.  So I went and started treatment. At the time my pain level was a 10. For about  6 weeks I saw her 3 times a week. I had eye surgery scheduled at the end of this time and I knew I would have to stop chiropractic right before this surgery. I've been paying off medical bills and haven't been back, but intend to in the future. The best part of all this is, it's been several months and in all this time, my pain level hasn't been over a 6! And on the average I would give it a 4. The staff is also some of the nicest people you could hope to meet. I also went on a payment schedule that was flexible so I wouldn't be so stressed out about the money. Dr. Vaughn wanted to make sure that money wouldn't get in the way of me getting well. Well in a way it has, but not from her. It's from the eye surgery I had to have. I will be back!!! Linda B.


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