Dr. Vaughn was quoted in the December 2006 issue of Women's Health Magazine on the subject of wearing unhealthy shoes and clothing.  The lead paragraph of the article read as follows: "Cramming your toes into stilettos and stuffing your thighs into control tops might seem like harmless - albeit really uncomfortable - beauty badges of honor. But they can have some serious consequences. 'Many women think it's normal to experience some suffering to look their best,' says Cynthia Vaughn, a chiropractor from Austin, Texas. 'But their health may be the thing that suffers.'"
Dr. Vaughn was also quoted in the October 2006 issue of Health Magazine (circulation of 6,000,000) on the subject of women who like to carry heavy bags and purses. The article states,"'If you carry a heavy bag on the same shoulder, day after day, the muscles on that side can become injured or strained,' says Cynthia Vaughn, D.C., spokesperson for the American Chiropractic Association."

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